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Rachel + Jake Wedding Day Portraits | Penna’s of Sterling Wedding Photography

They say rain on a wedding day is good luck…that is, if you’re the Bride and Groom. When a dark rainy day presents itself in a venue with very few windows, you’ve got to create the beautiful light you envision in your head. That’s just what we did the other week at Rachel and Jake’s wedding that I got to shoot at Penna’s of Sterling with my good friend Mike Peraino. Rachel and Jake looked awesome, they were ready for fun, we snapped into action and we captured sophisticated, elegant portraits for them on their wedding day. The rain even let up just before the reception allowing us to quickly create some great images outdoors just before evening set in on this early Spring wedding day in Michigan.

Dave + Karen + Kids | Wheeling Family Photography Session

It was the kind of summer afternoon where the sun was so warm and bright it warmed the creek bed; the kids were game to get their feet wet. Dave and Karen’s kids are the kind of kids that make their own fun, building tree forts, picking wild berries or exploring the creek for crawfish. I’ve gotten to see these kids grow up over the past five years and I’m always impressed at how smart and curious they are. It was a pleasure to watch them show me around the wonders of their back yard and to play along in a game of hide-and-seek with the entire family in the prairie near their house. Check out some of the fun from our session.