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Wendy’s 40th Surprise Garden Party

If you’ve ever been a fan of the NBC series, “Parenthood” you’ll be familiar with the frequent Braverman family dinners around the table, often held in their backyard. Well, that kind of meal around the table has been a fantasy for my wife Wendy for years. When it came to celebrating her 40th birthday, I knew I had to create a garden party for her under cafe lights and surround her with with a group of people that care about her. I knew if I could add enough of her favorite details, her fantasy would come together in style; lights were hung in the yard, color schemes were designed, flowers were arranged, our grandmothers’ china and silver were laid out and friends gathered. Come rain or come shine, we were going to pull off a surprise. She had no idea it was coming and the look on her face and the fist pumps that followed made all the secrecy and weeks of planning pay off tremendously. Check out a few photos from an evening in the garden to celebrate my wonderful wife’s 40th birthday. Happy Birthday, Wendy. I love you more than life itself!