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Terry + Drew | Tuscan Photography session in Siena, Italy

The reason I love what I do so much is that I get to meet and know such incredible people along the way. I love making such great connections with clients and learning about their story, it really informs our relaxed sessions and makes them something special. I met Terry and Drew in Florence and we made arrangements to meet up later in the town square of Siena for a session among the walls of the Medieval Tuscan city. Terry is a fantastic Phoenix photographer and we had so much fun talking about our businesses and learning about each other’s families over pizza after our session. Check out their session below.

Dale + Meredith’s Engagement Photos | Florence, Italy Destination Wedding

Shooting meaningful photos of a beautiful couple in an romantic European location has always been a dream of mine. This Spring I got my first opportunity to help shoot a fantastic love story in Florence, Italy. Dale and Meredith are talented wedding photographers in Northwest Arkansas. They turned their romantic destination wedding into a workshop, inviting a small group of photographers along to share their knowledge and business experience. It was a great experience and we got some incredible photos in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

We hit the streets of Florence right away for an engagement photo session along the Arno River, an amazing backdrop of ancient bridges drenched by the light of the setting sun. Photographers love to shoot couples dressed in bold colors, so it was no surprise Dale and Meredith showed up in amazing bright colors, the real surprise for me was that it perfectly matched their bright personalities and love for each other.

There’s so much more to share from Italy, so check back to see Dale and Merediths wedding and some other fun sessions.

The light was fantastic and we shot some amazing portraits along the ancient Ponte Vecchio bridge. 

John + Lori | Barrington, IL Portrait Photography

Just walking into their house, I knew I’d connect right away with John and Lori. They are collectors of art and have a colorful house displaying a wonderful collection of original paintings and photography. I could have discussed our mutual appreciation for paintings and fine art photography in their living room for hours. However, after learning how they met each other, developed a long distance relationship and planned a destination wedding in Europe, we set off around their neighborhood for some relaxed, fun portraits. John’s often irreverent humor makes Lori laugh at every turn and it’s so apparent, here, in their photo session. It’s truly a pleasure to document such a true romance.

Heather + Rich are Getting Married! | Engagement Photography in Chicago

There’s no cooler place in the city of Chicago to hang out than the Hyde Park neighborhood in Fall. We took great advantage of the character of the buildings, the changing colors and the fantastic light in Hyde Park for a romantic engagement session with Heather and Rich. They came ready to give it their all in a short timespan before the sun dropped behind the trees surrounding the university campus nearby. These photos really capture the romance and love between these two, we can’t wait to capture the details of their upcoming wedding.
One of my favorite photos of the day, captured after finding a huge brick wall with the words “Rent Hyde Park” painted in huge letters. It made the perfect memorable backdrop to a beautiful couple soon to start their new life together on the south side of Chicago.