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Joel + Laura + Cyrus – Long Grove Photography Session

This was a quick 15 minute session in Long Grove, but Joel, Laura and Cyrus were ready to work it and we couldn’t lose. Every shot seemed perfect! Cyrus’ cool cap matched his daddy’s and he was sporting the coolest wool winter coat that made him look like a smart little man. This is a perfect example of how clothing with texture adds so much character to images.

A Kid and His Dad!

Grandkids Secret Gift

This week I got the opportunity to secretly photograph 5 cousins for a special Christmas gift for their grand parents. After lots of fun playtime and wrangling indoors and outside, we captured some awesome portraits of each of the kids. The final image was turned into a long canvas-wrapped frame featuring side-by-side portraits of all the grandkids presented to their Nana and Papa at Christmas.

Here are a few outtakes from the session:

Below is the final image that was turned into a stunning 5 foot long canvas of all the grandkids:

Geoff + Cyd + Soren + Tennyson – Long Grove Photography

Soren and Tennyson were so much fun to photograph at their Long Grove home. We got to swing on a rope swing, climb trees and play in the wheat field behind their house. After getting ready for bed, they showed me what a typical wrestle session looks like with Dad and they were literally jumping over the furniture. Such a fun and active household, this is a family that really loves spending time together. Check out the shot of Tennyson leaping over the sofa; pure joy!

Thanks for letting me play with you guys!

Like Father, Like Son: