Nancy and Justin’s Double Maternity Session | Salt Lake City, Utah

They couldn’t wait to tell their families their good news, Nancy and Justin planned a special reveal with each of their families sharing their surrogate was officially pregnant with their baby…but that wasn’t the only surprise.

Their long journey through infertility took them down the road of multiple attempts at IVF at several different clinics only to be told pregnancy would never happen for Nancy. This painful road lead them to the emotional, challenging but hopeful road of surrogacy. Still their were challenges, but they were finally matched with a wonderful, benevolent surrogate for their child. While moving forward on that timeline, Justin and Nancy chose to start a new timeline with themselves suggesting a change in protocol they had researched. After multiple failed attempts, Nancy was finally pregnant. Justin and Nancy planned to move ahead with the surrogate as well; now they were officially pregnant…twice! Nancy and Justin are due in May and their surrogate is due one month later; an incredible story of love and hope. You can learn more about their amazing journey at Nancy’s blog:

I can’t tell you how thrilled we are for Nancy, Justin and their growing family! Check out a few favorite photos from Nancy and Justin’s maternity session in Salt Lake City along with their lovely surrogate.