Carolyn + Greg + Haiden | Family Photography in Chicago

I’ve always been so curious what it’s like for parents to raise children in the city. Carolyn and Greg are my city-dwelling-parent-heros. They’re raising the coolest kid and making it work in a neighborhood full of activity. Haiden loves baseball, superheros, comic books, trains and Wilco. (Coincidentally, so does his Daddy. They really get along that way.)

After capturing some great family shots in their loft, we headed out for their favorite park to play and catch the leaves starting to change color. Haiden loves his trains so much he could barely let go of them all afternoon.Dear Haiden,

I hope you stumble upon these pictures in a shoebox one day and are reminded how much your Mommy and Daddy adore you, the joy you bring them and the fun you have as a family. These photos prove it and I’m so happy to have been there to capture a piece of it!

Stay cool,